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A message from our headteacher



I hope you have had a lovely weekend and you and your families are well. Although some measures have been lifted I know how hard it is for families and friends as we still can't meet up- hopefully as we all keep to the updated rules the rates will continue to fall and we will be able to see them in the not so distant future.

I though I'd email you with the following ideas:


Celebration of lockdown learning and activities

I am seeing lots of great work and activities that you are sending to me or your child's teachers. It would be great to make into a glossy book for the school entrance to celebrate the children's work during this time. The aim would be to have 3 pieces for each child in school but not necessarily formal work if this is not right for your child, these could be photos of work or practical learning, but could also be experiences they have enjoyed during this time such as nature walks, bike rides and cooking. If you are happy for your child's photo in our class books that's great, if not please send photos of finished work/activities. Please either email to me or your child's class teacher. We will add work/activities each week to the books.

Rob Biddulph world record attempt

I thought we could join in Rob Biddulph's world record art attempt. This Thursday at 4pm he is doing a world record attempt for the largest online art lesson ever and I thought it would be great if your child/children want to get involved. The work could form a fantastic gallery, both online and physical display/in the celebration of learning book.


As I said on Friday I am meeting with staff tomorrow and Tuesday, I will then share the current plans for if the data says we are ready to open on 1st June.


Please remember to contact me if there is anything you need - I will try my best to help and would much rather you contact me than not have enough food or any other worry.


Take Care


Mrs Morley