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A message from our headteacher



I want to keep you updated. Today I have received some guidance from HCC along with updated guidance from the Government and DfE that I am working through at the moment with other leaders in school and the Trust. Thank you for completing the survey monkey last night; as I said it was just to give me an idea of your thoughts at the moment and I totally understand that this may change and that's absolutely fine. The results were even across yes, no and unsure but once I have full details of how we plan to open school if on June 1st the Government asks us to, and all the measures we will be putting in place.

I am meeting with all staff on Monday and Tuesday next week and will share all the details with you after this. As I have explained before, the data and science may mean that the Government's plans change and again I find out at the same time as everyone else when it is shared on the news. The speculation in the press and social media I'm sure isn't helping you or anyone's anxieties- please do email me if you need any support..


I totally understand that this will not be an easy decision for you and everyone will have their own view. What I can promise is that I will share all of the details on how we plan to organise classes with you and will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have for your child and your family to support you in making the decision that is right for your child/ children and your family.


Please Take Care and Stay Safe


Mrs Morley