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Corona virus Update- Monday 16th March 2020 - sent to parents

Coronavirus Update- Monday 16th March 2020
Thank you for your support and understanding with the changes we made today.
Following the renewed guidance from the government on Friday, I’m writing to update you about the situation. As you know the Government widened their advice on who should self-isolate to include those that have flu-like symptoms even though they may not have been to an affected area or been in contact with an infected person. We do have members of our school community who are experiencing flu like symptoms who are following government guidance to self-isolate. As you will have seen from the news some may be tested but not everyone is being tested now. As re my previous email please avoid spreading gossip/hearsay- it is great that members of our community are making the sensible decision to self-isolate to try and slow down the spread of the virus. With the new guidance on Friday, it is likely we will see increasing numbers of people choosing or being advised to self-isolate. This is understandable, however when people hear about self-isolation it starts to generate alarm and rumour. It is important to emphasise that self-isolation does not mean the individual concerned has a confirmed case of coronavirus. This could be you so please remember to Be Kind to each other, this will also support your children. Avoid putting staff in awkward positions by asking for information about other children, families or staff.
The DfE Coronavirus helpline have confirmed that if a sibling is instructed to self-isolate, it is okay for the other siblings to attend school if they are not exhibiting symptoms. Again, if you are unsure, contact 111 for advice before sending them in. Remember there are other common illnesses that children are often off with-this currently includes chicken pox. The school is continuing to do all that it can to minimise the spread with good hygiene and is following all the advice from Public Health and Herts County Council and that includes to remain open as well as adding in additional measures ourselves.
Good Hygiene We are continuing to promote good hygiene in school, in line with current Public Health England guidelines and will continue to use reminders. In addition to this, I have shared in the previous information extra steps we are taking as a school.
Symptoms The updated Public Health England guidance now states that if someone has a ‘new continuous cough’ or ‘high temperature of 97.8 or above’ people should self-isolate at home for 7 days. If you are concerned, the advice is to phone 111 and follow their guidance. In this case, please do not send your child in to school until you have sought advice.
If your son/daughter is in self-isolation, please ensure that you notify the school reception. We can then arrange for work to be sent home and can see if you need any further support. Please note that the school cannot respond to any enquiries (phone calls or emails) about other children and families.
If you have queries, the DfE have opened a helpline which parents can use. Here are the contact details:- Phone: 0800 046 8687 Email: Opening hours: 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday)
Current guidance is available here:-
So, with the situation continuing to change day by day, it is possible that children will become more concerned. We all have a role in managing this by working to not sensationalise the issue and to keep focussed on awareness of the facts e.g. how to avoid transmission and how to respond if concerned. We should avoid passing on our own worries and concerns as this will increase their worries. The children were brilliant last week and apart from far more handwashing, we wouldn’t know that anything was different.
As you know the unprecedented nature of the situation creates uncertainty and new challenges. We are doing our best to try and pre-empt situations as they arise and keep you up to date with any further information as needed.
Further additional actions today:
To confirm there are no class assemblies until later in the year
The Year 5 residential is postponed
Year 5 trip to the theatre is postponed
Nursery and Reception trip to the Farm is postponed
Year 5 breakfast club and Year 6 boosters before school-open as usual
Junior Playmakers after school Wednesday and Thursday- running as normal
After school Gym-running as normal
Breakfast and after school club –running as normal
Roller skating postponed- new date to be confirmed
Circus postponed-new date to be confirmed
Swimming will continue as usual
Teacher led after school clubs postponed for now
Mother’s Day Sale this Friday- going ahead as planned during the school day


Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Jenny Morley
Head Teacher