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Information If your child is remaining at home and will be learning from home

Please remember if your child or anyone in your household has a symptom of COVID-book a test and everyone in the house must self-isolate until you have the results.

School will provide remote learning either through Google Classrooms or by delivering paper copies of learning each week. If your child can access Google classrooms this will be great as there will be lessons on there to help them learn.

The government expects all children to complete learning at home-we will support you with this. The children will be completing the same learning that will be taking place in school.

We will put guides on how to use Google classroom on our website and a link on our Facebook page.

  • Your child’s class teacher will email you a timetable overview for the week-this will also be -can complete learning in a different order if this is easier for you and your child.
  • If your child can access Google classroom there will be at least daily google meets where they can talk to their class teacher and some of their friends. Most children have used this in school- your child’s teacher can email you the login details if you need them.
  • If your child cannot access Google meets the teacher will ring you every day to speak to your child is and how they are getting on with their learning and to help them if they are stuck.
  • If work is completed and saved on Google classroom teachers and teaching assistants will give your child guidance and feedback on work, they have completed
  • If your child is using paper copies we will collect these on a Monday when we deliver new learning. Work will be marked and teachers will give your children feedback to support their learning. If you are able to you can email in photos of your child’s work as they complete it.
  • If your child is finding any aspect of the learning difficult please let your child’s class teacher know and they can change what they had planned for them.
  • If you need any resources to help your child learn at home, please email your child’s teacher or the office in the first instance.