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Each year the children at Warren Dell are given the opportunity to explore and celebrate careers and studies in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM Week). This year, the children researched famous experts in these areas and, in particular, found many scientists' experiments and investigations to be very fun and inspiring. This encouraged each class to conduct their very own 'child-led enquiry' based around their current scientific topic. In science, the children also switched classes and enjoyed being taught interesting new investigations by different adults, as well as being involved in a practical workshop conducted by an expert (with experiments ranging from dissecting a heart to learning about the chemical reactions which cause fireworks). Finally, as part of engineering, each class used a different form of design and technology to create a product which would later be sold in Enterprise Week.
The children absolutely loved exploring these key aspects of learning, and of life, and acquired some impressive new knowledge and skills. 
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