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Year 5 Chestnut



In Year 5 we have two classes, Chestnut class and Acacia class.

This is Chestnut class's page.


Yr 5 Chestnut

Our class teacher is Mrs Blomfield


Mrs Blomfield and Miss Hacking can be contacted on:

Daily Messages from your teacher during school closure:



Good Morning Chestnut!

My penultimate email before the Easter holidays. I hope you’ve all had a good couple of weeks and are missing me as much as I’m missing you!

Today I’d like you to write me a story.

Take a look at the video below: - Arnie the Doughnut read by Chris O'Dowd

Now write your own short adventure about an unlikely pair of friends. Be as imaginative as you can, anything goes! I really look forward to reading some of your stories.


Stay Safe and happy

Mrs Blomfield

Hootin Rootin Tutankhamun

Spring 2 - This term, our topic is PHARAOHS!

In Literacy, we will continue to develop our writing in a number of ways. We will also be exploring the different text types – biographies, newspaper reports, recounts and dialogue. The children will be continuing to focus on their spelling and punctuation skills in this half term.

In Maths, we will be learning and revisiting regularly our mental fluency as well as exploring 3D and 2D shapes (including reflection, translation and angles.)

In Science, we will continue to explore "Changing Materials" and in Topic, we will be studying Ancient Egypt in detail! 

Please see our overview for more information.

Pics from this half term

Pics from this half term 1
Pics from this half term 2
Pics from this half term 3
Pics from this half term 4

Spring 1 - Time Travellers

We have really enjoyed travelling through time, learning about Britain since the war and creating our own time machines and time adventure stories!


 We have also enjoyed having WFC in to deliver The Joy of Moving sessions every Thursday afternoon!

WFC - Joy of Movement

WFC - Joy of Movement 1
WFC - Joy of Movement 2
WFC - Joy of Movement 3
WFC - Joy of Movement 4
WFC - Joy of Movement 5
WFC - Joy of Movement 6
WFC - Joy of Movement 7
WFC - Joy of Movement 8
WFC - Joy of Movement 9


During STEM week we had some really interesting lessons with Mrs Blomfield and Miss Hacking! We enjoyed leading our own science investigations and taking part in a heart dissection workshop!

Time Machines

Time Machines 1
Time Machines 2
Time Machines 3
Time Machines 4
Time Machines 5

Autumn 2 - Stargazers

In this topic we learned all about the space race. We continued our English with some exceptional space raps and poetry. Role-play was a huge part of our learning this half term and we all enjoyed the model Rocket in the Role-play area.

Space Raps

Space Raps 1
Space Raps 2
Space Raps 3
Space Raps 4
Space Raps 5
Space Raps 6
Space Raps 7
Space Raps 8

Autumn 1 - Beast Creator

In our first term we learnt all about mini-beasts, lifecyles and mythical creatures. We created our own beasts in English, had an exciting visit from the Mini-beast man - we were even lucky enough for the Bearded Dragon to poop on the host for us! 

Mini-beast Visit

Mini-beast Visit 1
Mini-beast Visit 2
Mini-beast Visit 3
Mini-beast Visit 4
Mini-beast Visit 5
Mini-beast Visit 6
Mini-beast Visit 7
Mini-beast Visit 8
Mini-beast Visit 9
Mini-beast Visit 10
Mini-beast Visit 11
Mini-beast Visit 12
Mini-beast Visit 13
Mini-beast Visit 14
Mini-beast Visit 15
Mini-beast Visit 16
Mini-beast Visit 17




How your child can support their progress at home



  • Ask your child about their individual targets. All children should be using vocabulary to support the reader (full stops, capital letters, commas and more!).
  • Read through your child’s homework with them to ensure it makes sense before handing it in. 
  • Encourage your child to use a variety of vocabulary in their writing to make it more interesting.
  • Practice spellings every week and put them into sentences.
  • Read with your children daily and write in their reading record.



  • Ensure your child is confident with their times tables – this will support all areas of mathematical learning.
  • Ask your child daily what they have learnt in mathematics and see if they can explain the method they have learnt.  This will help to consolidate their learning.  It is also important that your child can apply their knowledge to word problems.
  • Use TT Rockstars and SAM Learning to encourage hands- on learning.



Research their current topic in science and see if there are any cool experiments to do at home!

History/ Geography


Research their current topic in history or geography and help them to understand where these events would go on a timeline



We are learning about Judaism, so you could help them research more about the religion.



Explore a range of music with your child to see which they are most interested in.  You can also look at the origins of the music.