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Family Centres

Family centres offer the best start in life for every child. They provide information and services for families with young children and aim to build on existing good services rather than starting new ones where it is not necessary. They aim to offer support when needed in a convenient location.


At your local family centre you will receive support and help in finding childcare, family support, health services and even employment advice.  If you are looking for daycare as a working parent, the centre will be able to give you information about the options for you and your child.


Every family centre offers services for an area of approximately 800 children under five and these have to include:


  • Support for all children with special needs and disabilities
  • Local advice and information for parents
  • Effective links with Jobcentre Plus, local training providers, further and higher education providers, to provide access to information, training and career opportunities
  • Child and family health services, including antenatal services
  • Our nearest centre is South Oxhey Family Centre based on the site of Oxhey Wood Primary School. 


  • Tel:  0300 123 7572. 


Further information about all the Family Centres in Hertfordshire is available at