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Year 6


Our teachers are Mr Speakes and Mr Arnold, our teaching assistant is Miss Chorley.


Mr Speakes and Mr Arnold can be contacted on:

Daily Messages from your teacher during school closure:



Dear Year 6,


This will be short and sweet as we have spoken to most of you now.


It's been amazing teaching and getting to know you all.


Have a fantastic summer break, stay safe and we wish you all the best in Secondary school.


Remember to look in the Watford Observer!


Love and best wishes,


Mr Speakes and Mr Arnold. x

Mindful Colouring Pages

This half term our topic is Darwin's Delight. Over the course of the next six weeks the children will have the opportunity to learn about Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution and explore some of his amazing adventures (such as his trip to the Galapagos Islands). This is directly linked to Science as we will be looking at how living organisms adapt and evolve by inheriting dominant genes. 

Curriculum information can be accessed here:
Last half term our topic was Frozen Kingdom. We focussed primarily on the Arctic Circle and Antarctica, their geographical locations, the animals that live there and how they adapt to meet the harsh environmental demands. In Science we developed our understanding of living things and their habitats by classifying living organisms. 

Previously, our topic was A Child's War. We loved learning about World War Two and cannot wait to show off what we learned in our class assembly. Here are some photos of our amazing trip to The Linconsfield Centre:

Spelling, punctuation and grammar games that you could play at home


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