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Our class teacher is Mrs Sullivan and our teaching assistants are Mrs Vincett, Mrs Toms, Mrs Exler, Mrs Rogers and Miss Mcdonald.


Our Nursery day starts at 8.45am and finishes at 12pm. We also offer an afternoon session for children that qualify for 30 hours funding.

Daily messages from your teacher during school closure:



Good morning Nursery,

I hope you are excited about your final day of lockdown learning! I am very proud of you all for completing your challenges inside and outside of school! Your final challenge is to talk with your adult about your favourite memories of your time in nursery and what you are looking forward to when you start reception!

I hope you all have a lovely summer.


Stay safe,

Mrs Sullivan

Our topic this half term is Why do spiders eat flies? and Are eggs alive? We will be learning about animals and their babies and life cycles.


Last half term our topic was 'How does that building stay up?' We learned about houses and homes and read 'The Three Little Pigs'.


Previously our topics were 'All About Me' and 'Do dragons exist?'. We learnt about how we grow and change and read some stories based around this such as 'Titch'. We also had a visit from the police. We were ready 'Zog' and enjoyed playing in our castle role play area.

Curriculum information can be accessed here:

Mrs Sullivan can be contacted on:

There are many ways to help your child at home make progress in their learning.  Some examples of this are:


FMS – Fine Motor Skills – including threading activities and play dough.

Counting and recognising numbers.

Talking to your child about past events such as their day at school.

Helping your child to practise writing their name.

Reading with your child every day.

Practise sounding out words to your child and blending them back together.  E.g.  s-i-t  = sit

This site has links to appropriate phonics games: