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Our class teachers are Mrs Spolander and Miss McDonald. Our teaching assistant is Mrs Wallington.

Mrs Spolander can be contacted on:

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This half term our theme is the Olympics 2021, which were, of course postponed from 2020. We are using the Olympics as a theme to bring lots of our learning together across the curriculum. We will be designing our very own investigation for science based on an Olympic sport and also using Tokyo and the Olympics to explore Geography and History objectives. In English we will use texts to help us write explanations, instructions and our own stories. In Maths sessions we will be focussing on written calculations for addition and subtraction, and consolidating arithmetic and reasoning skills learnt this year.

We made a human timeline of the Modern Olympic Games!

Obstacle Courses PE lesson. We made our own too!

Red, White and Blue for the England Game!

Parachute Fun

Sports Day 2021

'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth' Role Play!

Our theme this half term was ‘South Oxhey Street Detectives’. We were examining our local areas using a local field study to identify the human features of South Oxhey. In Science we looked closely at types of plants, their life cycle and naming each part. In English our focus was on 'Coming to England', a whole school explore and engage story, and also a great non-fiction book all about sharks! We were working hard on fractions in Maths, as well as shape, revisiting time, and solving reasoning problems.

We also did some athletics and tennis in PE sessions and used the laptops to research in computing.

We tried different types of vegetables today!

National Daily Mile Friday 30th April

We are enjoying reading our non fiction text about sharks!

We went looking for Human geography in South Oxhey on our local walk!

We are enjoying tennis this half term.


Our Spring 2 topic was Caveman! We were exploring the Stone Age for the first time in our Topic lessons as well as learning about animals including humans in Science. To accompany this, we had a go at our own cave style painting in Art and discussed ways to keep healthy in PSHE. In English we had 2 texts to focus on, one fiction and one non-fiction and in Maths we were focussing solely on multiplication and division. It was only a 5 week half term so we had lots to fit in!

Easter Egg Hunt !

Red Nose Day 2021

What a Wonderful World! 11/3/21

Year 2 wrote a collaborative song in English today using all of our our favourite things about the world. It is based on 'What a Wonderful World' made famous by Louis Armstrong. 

We think its lovely :) 


I see sweet soft cats, cute fluffy pandas too

Hot air balloons for me and you

And I think to myself what a wonderful world


I see pretty parties and dogs that chew,  

White and black orcas, white yellow daisies too,  

And I think to myself what a wonderful world


Cute fluffy pigs, sunshine in the sky

Colourful rainbows and people going by

I see friends at music club, saying how do you do

Unicorns and rabbits, singing I love you


I see small brown owls, swishing through the sky.

Beautiful birds flying way up high

Then I think to myself what a wonderful world


I see nice cosy houses, rivers of blue

Laughing with friends and family too.

And I think to myself what a wonderful world


I hear raindrops falling on the ground at night.

Not too hot or cold, yellow lamp light.  

And I think to myself what a wonderful world


All the people walking to say hello to you

And all the new born baby animals too

I see fun sandy beaches, snakes slithering round.

Beautiful nature, all around.


I see a bright city, I watch people smile  

I fly a kite in the sky for a while.  

Then I think to myself what a wonderful world


I love white fluffy dogs, I like the zoo

I love singing birds and elephants too

And I think to myself what a wonderful world. 

And I think to myself what a wonderful world!

We did some 'cave' painting today! 11/03/21

World Book Day 2021

Staying Clean and Healthy - Experiment to explore how germs react to soap!

Celebrating Mother Tongue Day- Designing new flags and learning to say hello in different languages.

 Our Spring 1 topic was Pirates! We were learning all about maps, co-ordinates and how to use a compass. 

In English we explored 'Journey' by Aaron Becker and 'Rapunzel' by Beth Woolvin. We were working hard on improving our sentence detail with adjectives. In RE we learned about Judaism and we  also designed, made and evaluated some pirate flags! We were also learning how to use the column method for addition and subtraction for the first time. We were very busy!

Making Playdough on Fantastic Friday number 2! 5/2/21

Making Pirate Boats using Origami!

'Dress to Express' for Mental Health Week!

Making paper helicopters on our first 'Fantastic Friday'!

We have been making pirate treasure maps using a key, compass and coordinates. Land Ahoy! X marks the spot!

New Timetable Starting 25th January!

Send Help! Year 2 wrote messages for a bottle!

Our new display using children's writing from home and in school! There are so many creative ideas on here! We wrote stories about our own magic door inspired by Aaron Becker's 'Journey'.

Week 2 Spring 1. More AMAZING work being produced at home and school! We are so proud of you Year 2!

We've had some amazing work sent in already by our year 2 remote learners!

Autumn 2- Our topic this half term is 'London's Burning' and we are learning all about The Great Fire of London. We will explore what caused the fire and and what they had to do to put it out because they didn't have fire engines in 1666! In English we are using different kinds of sentences and working hard on our presentation. We will be working on more addition and subtraction this half term and will also be experimenting in Science with materials. 



Autumn 1 - This half term our topic was called 'Coastal Adventures'. We were learning about not only the beach but also about the United Kingdom and what countries make it. In English we explored 3 stories and worked hard on our sentences. We  practiced addition and subtraction up to 20 and used new methods to help us with mental arithmetic. Science sessions explored living things and life processes. 

Christmas Fun!

Christmas Jumpers!

The Great Fire of London Re enactment with a real fire!

Christmas Fair

Dance Unit Autumn 2 - 'Thriller'

Making Tudor Style Houses for our Great Fire of London Project

No Pens Day!

Odd Socks Day

Celebrating Halloween 22/10/20

Practical Maths Morning

Making Microhabitats!

Multi Skills Sessions this half term.

Look at these pictures from our first week in Year 2!







Daily Messages from your teacher during school closure:



Hello Year 2!

For the last time! We made it! Today is the last day of the summer term and the last daily email from me. Your final task …. Do ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING! You’ve earned it, and your grown ups have certainly earned it! Have a little party to celebrate the start of the holidays, you have worked so hard year 2. I’m sorry we didn’t get to finish the year off together but you’ll see me around school in September. You can say hi anytime J

Have a lovely summer, I have to wait to go and see the hippos next year instead now so this summer I will be tidying my bedroom and helping my grown ups around the house. I hope you are too!


Have fun!

Lots of love from

Mrs Spolander and Eeyore xxx




Spring Homework Projects

Children worked very hard on their Spring Term homework projects but didn't have a chance to share them with their class so we will be putting them here for everyone to see.

Amazing Pirate Projects

Curriculum information can be accessed here:

Pirate Day 

Year 2 had a fantastic day on their Pirate Day. They explored role play scenarios including ‘pirate ship’ ‘walk the plank’ and ‘shark attack’!

They made treasure maps, and solved clues around school in a treasure hunt,played games and  heard pirate stories! Arrrrrr!

This half term our topic is Land Ahoy! and we will be learning all about pirates. We will be exploring maps, compasses and directional language. we'll explore coordinates, treasure maps and famous pirates from the past. We will also be taking part in a 'Take one book' project involving some creative writing and art work based around 'Flotsam' by David Wiesner. We are writing letters to Mrs Morley to ask for a pirate themed day we will we working hard on our sentence writing and mental strategies for multiplication and division. 


In the first half of the Spring term, our topic was 'Wriggle and Crawl’.

We thought about all of those wiggly, wriggly creatures. We described them, using bug based stories and found out more about their micro habitats. We designed and made bug 'hotels', examined an animal's basic needs, and completed some animal themed fitness training. 


Previously, our topic was Muck Mess and Mixtures! We were busy getting very messy. We learnt about famous artists from history and attempted our own versions using their style. We investigated how plants grow and planted some seeds. In English we read George's Marvellous Medicine and made our own concoctions on our very own 'Muck Mess and Mixtures' themed day! How exciting!


We had so much fun in STEM week, investigating with eggs, building gliders and making towers or bridges. 



Year 2's Stay and Learn with our grown ups- we used role play to help us write some spooky descriptions. 



We had so much fun making a mess on our 'Muck, Mess and Mixtures Day'. 











We have been creating artwork inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. 



We had lots of fun on 'No Pens Wednesday' learning through practical activities.










We have made clay sea creatures as part of our Beachcombers Art and Design topic. 











To help your child with their learning you could:


  • Make sure your child reads at least 4 times a week, completes their homework and spellings.
  • When reading with your a child , please ask them questions about the book. Eg who is the main character?
  • Test your child's times tables at least twice a week.
  • Encourage your child to keep a daily diary. 
  • Use Sam Learning - please ask if the children have forgotton their passwords.