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Snow Plans



We know that it is not snowing yet, but we like to be prepared!


The school aims to stay open whenever possible, although after school clubs may be cancelled. We will only close if our heating is not working, or if driving conditions mean that we do not have enough staff to open safely.


If there is heavy snowfall, we will contact you by text to confirm whether school is open or not. However, in past years, we have found that the volume of messages being sent via Parentmail by the different schools has resulted in messages arriving very late. Our school website will also be updated to show if the school is closed.


Parents can also follow this link to sign up and receive messages via SMS and email from Hertfordshire County Council. Hertfordshire’s Closure Notification System 


For health and safety reasons we normally just open the front gates and all children come into school this way. The pavements outside the back gates are often dangerous.


Our caretaker works from before 7am to clear paths in school – if parents are willing to help clear the paths outside the back gate we would be able to open those gates too. Please let the office know if you can help.