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Our class teachers are Miss Hacking and Mrs Vincett.


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Autumn 2 - War Child

Our next topic is "War Child". 


This term, our topic is "War Child" where we will be learning all about World War II. In maths, we will continue to work on our arithmetic skills but will have a bigger focus on fractions, decimals and percentages! In Literacy, we will be doing a two-week non-fiction writing unit about the book "Planetarium" and a two-week fiction writing unit about the book "Night of the Gargoyles".

In Science, we will be learning about "Light". In History, we will be learning about World War II, focusing on what it was like for a child of war.

In RE, we will explore and discuss the Christmas story and in Computing we will continue our topic of "Information Models".

We will be swimming this term on a Thursday and also learning First Aid as part of out "Making my Footprint".



Autumn 2 War Child Photos

Autumn 1 Mayan Mahem Photos

Making Mayan Masks

Science - Classification Keys

PE - Making my footprint Teamwork games


Trick Or Treating

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How your child can support their progress at home


  • Ask your child about their individual targets. All children should be using vocabulary to support the reader (full stops, capital letters, commas and more!).
  •   Read through your child’s homework with them to ensure it makes sense before handing it in. 
  • Encourage your child to use a variety of vocabulary in their writing to make it more interesting.
  • Practice spellings every week and put them into sentences.
  • Read with your children daily and write in their reading record.


  • Ensure your child is confident with their times tables – this will support all areas of mathematical learning.
  • Ask your child daily what they have learnt in mathematics and see if they can explain the method they have learnt.  This will help to consolidate their learning.  It is also important that your child can apply their knowledge to word problems.
  • Use TTRockstars and SAM Learning to encourage hands- on learning.



Research their current topic in science and see if there are any cool experiments to do at home!

History/ Geography


Research their current topic in history or geography and help them to understand where these events would go on a timeline



We are learning about Judaism, so you could help them research more about the religion.



Explore a range of music with your child to see which they are most interested in.  You can also look at the origins of the music.