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Year 6 baking cookies for enterprise!

Year 6 at the beach!

Post SATs dodgeball treat!

Year 6 Reading Breakfast Summer 1

Figurative language lesson in literacy

Planting wildflowers and tomatoes

Biodiversity bar chart

Team building game

Easter Egg Hunt

Dance workshop

Debate about the actions of a character in literacy.

RE lesson 9/1/24

Today, Year 6 focused their learning around the topic 'giving to others'. Some children helped younger children in Preschool, Nursery and Reception. They played with the children, carried out jobs for staff and read to the children. Others helped teach a Year 2 PE lesson. Some other children helped Miss Popescu litter pick the school grounds. All of the children created thank you letters for school staff and posters to explain to others the importance of giving. 


University Trip

Science Investigation

Darwin finch beak experiment in science

Science investigation - heart dissection