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At Warren Dell we teach the British National Curriculum, using Herts for Learning PA Plus Essentials to ensure we deliver a 'mastery approach' and deliver mathematical success to our pupils so that they can access the Secondary maths curriculum and go on to achieve everything they hope for in later life. We use the Ofsted Maths review of 2023 to make sure we are doing everything in our power to deliver a high quality mathematical curriculum to all children. 


The pre-school and nursery use Development Matters to support their delivery of a strong grounding in number, patterns and the relationships between numbers in a play based environment with excellent resources to support the children's learning. 


We believe all children should 'keep up, not catch up' so we deliver a high quality curriculum using a Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract approach to scaffold children to success, and using frequent assessment to check for any gaps in learning. These can be tracked back, using our progression documents, and children supported to close gaps using targeted intervention and support. 


Please find below our Long Term Plans, which lay out the concepts we introduce to your children in each year group, and our Progression Documents, which we use to identify where each strand of mathematics begins and revisit learning to prepare learners for new developments.