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Our teacher is Mrs Mathur and our teaching assistants are Miss Myerthall (am), Mrs Mole (am) and Mrs Bowers (pm).


Our topic this term is: I Am Warrior - The Romans


Please feel free to contact Mrs Mathur by email:

Daily Messages from your teacher during school closure:



Hello Year 4,

Can’t believe that it’s the end of another week and next week would have been your last week at school before summer holidays. It’ll be lovely to see you all on the 15th for the end of year achievement celebration before you move on to Year 5 in September. I’m so excited to see you all! You should have a specific time slot to come in on the 15th…let me know if you are not sure and I could check for you.

Now for today’s challenge. You may have seen lots of ‘how to’ videos online (a bit like the one you watched on Tuesday which showed you how to make an underwater volcano).

So use today to create your own ‘how to’ video or script.

For creating a video you might want to develop a script so you feel confident in what you are going to say.

· Ensure you use imperative (bossy) verbs like: Put, Place, Take

· Use adverbs to explain how they do the action: slowly, carefully

· Use adverbials to make instructions clear: Then, Firstly

· Once it’s written, make your own video!

Here are some examples that I thought of:

· How to make a sandwich

· How to do a dance

· How to play a game

· How to teach your dog a trick

· How to draw a picture

It doesn’t have to be one of the above…it could be on any topic of your choice!

I look forward to seeing your videos/scripts.


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Mathur.

25th June 2020

23rd June 2020

Monday 1st June 2020

Tuesday 19th May 2020

Alex's new skill

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Thomas' PE Challenge

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IvyMae's Workout

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Here are some of the things you are doing at home.

Our topic for Summer 1 is I am Warrior, where we will be learning in depth about the Romans. We will be looking at Roman Myths in English and then writing our own; in Art, we will be learning about Roman mosaic and in History, we will learn about the spread of the Roman Empire, the strength of its army, Boudicca's Rebellion and Roman impact on technology. In Science, our topic is Sound and we will learn about how sound is made. 

For more detail, check the visual overview attached.


Here are some photos of your homework project. Well done!

Homework projects

Curriculum information can be accessed here:

Our topic this half term is Blue Abyss, wherein we will learn about underwater habitats and aquatic biomes. We will also continue to learn to play Brass instruments in music. In Science we will be learning about living things and their habitats. We will learn about what living things need in order to survive; how living things are grouped and different food chains and food webs found in oceans. In topic, this half term, we will learn about different types of aquatic biomes and key aspects of coral reefs and rock pools. In PE, we are continuing with swimming and gym this half term.



Year 4 took part in a fantastic Viking workshop day on Monday 10th February, where they all pretended to be Vikings and had their very own Viking name for the day. It was a fun filled day in which the children learnt about the Viking traditions of days gone by. They learnt Viking dance, had their faces painted, learnt to write their names in Viking Runes and acted out some Viking myths. Overall, they all thoroughly enjoyed the day! 

As a special finish to their French topic 'Au café', Year 4 had a surprise French breakfast.


Four children became waiters and took orders in French for food and drinks from the menus the children had made. Afterwards they asked for the bill and paid in Euros.


The children loved the surprise and had lots to eat!

In the Autumn term, Year 4 enjoyed their trip to Hampton Court Palace. Here are some photos:





Listen to your child read every day for at least 20 minutes. 


Log any interesting words the children find in their reading books and encourage them to find out what the words mean, so they are able to use these words in their writing. 


Ask your children to write neatly when they do their homework. This should encourage the children to use what they have learnt at school. 


Ask your child to keep a diary of any interesting events that happen.




Practise their times tables with them up to 12 x 12 and their related division facts - e.g 12 x 12 = 144,  144 divided by 12 = 12.  Please encourage your child to log onto TTRockstars to practise their times tables. Children have been given their login's, however please do not hesistate to contact us should these be misplaced. 


Ask your child mental maths questions at home - for example asking the children to work out how much something costs or the change that is needed when shopping.


Maths games that you could play at home


Please click on the links below. They will open in a new window. 

Spelling, punctuation and grammar games that you could play at home


Please click on the links below. They will open in a new window.