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Junior Leadership Team

Every academic year at Warren Dell we select a boy and girl from Year 6 to have the honour of being Head boy and girl. Supporting our Head boy and girl are prefects.


Their duties include:


  • Modelling the behaviour and effort we expect of every child in the school
  • Showing visitors around our school
  • Working with staff to suggest improvements to Warren Dell
  • Greeting children in the mornings
  • Being a mentor to younger children
  • Looking out for children who are behaving really well and praising them for their efforts
  • Welcoming any new children to our school
  • Talking with Governors about life at Warren Dell from a pupil’s perspective


This year's team:

Usually our Junior Leadership get very involved in life across the school.  As the Junior Leadership Team are not able to work across different bubbles in school we are developing some creative ways that a wider group of Year 6 can support other children across school.  We currently developing a well-being team, a redefined house captain role and a PR group who will work to publicise all the activities that are going on in school during this period when we cannot have many visitors to school.

Our Junior Leadership Team This Year