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Junior Leadership Team

Every academic year at Warren Dell we select a boy and girl from Year 6 to have the honour of being Head boy and girl. Supporting our Head boy and girl are prefects.


Their duties include:


  • Modelling the behaviour and effort we expect of every child in the school
  • Showing visitors around our school
  • Working with staff to suggest improvements to Warren Dell
  • Greeting children in the mornings
  • Being a mentor to younger children
  • Looking out for children who are behaving really well and praising them for their efforts
  • Welcoming any new children to our school
  • Talking with Governors about life at Warren Dell from a pupil’s perspective


This year's team:

Head Boy

Hello, I am Head Boy at Warren Dell Primary School.  I started in Nursery and have been here ever since.  I wanted to be a part of the Junior Leadership Team because I thought it would be an amazing job.  I am looking forward to taking on lots of responsibilities around school.  I love playing football and do it a lot.


Head Girl

Hello, I am Head Girl.  I wanted to be head girl because I wanted to give back to the school as they have given lots to me.  I have been looking forward to showing people around our lovely school.  I am very good at art so if there are posters to be made then they will be bright, colourful and fun.                                   


I am a prefect at Warren Dell.  I wanted this job because I wanted the responsibility and to help everyone be happy.                


Hello, I am a prefect at Warren Dell.  I have been here since Nursery and wanted to be a prefect so that I could help the school.


I wanted to be a prefect at Warren Dell because I wanted to give something back to my school.  I am looking forward to helping TAs and teachers.                                        


Hello, in Warren Dell School I am a prefect.  I wanted this job becasue I want to shoulder some responsibility and am looking forward to making sure everyone has fun.